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Abu Dhabai Ports company

Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) or the Khalifa Port is one of the largest projects in the UAE. In order to contribute to the prosperity of Abu Dhabi by increasing trade and inbound investment, the Khalifa Port was established in 2012. Abu Dhabi Port is the regulatory body which controls all the trade and master development of the Khalifa Port. The main motive of ADPC is to create sustainable growth that boosts and diversifies the economy of Abu Dhabi by developing its infrastructure, real estate and business service in accordance with the private sector. The primary objective of the Abu Dhabi Port is to develop the Khalifa Port and all other ports (Except the Oil & Gas and Military ports) and related infrastructure in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Types of Licenses in Abu Dhabi Port

1. Trade License

Companies that are legally incorporated outside the UAE and involved in import-export activities can opt for a trade license. A company does not require any special authorization from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for this.

2. Industrial License

A free zone incorporated company that has its activities in the industrial production of goods is granted an industrial license. An industrial license allows the company to import raw materials and other products for manufacturing purpose and import the finished & packed goods outside the country.

3. Service License

Companies that provide services like banking, management consultancy or other professional services can go for a service license in the UAE. These companies do not require a separate license from the DED.

4. National Industrial License

Companies that are granted a National Industrial License have the same status as that of a local or a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) company in the UAE. Any company looking to carry out its operations in the manufacturing sector can opt for a National Industrial License.

  1. Higher Corporation For Specialized Economic Zones/ Zones Corp

This Abu Dhabi free zone is home to over 600 of the world’s biggest and most well-known global companies from many sectors. The Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) was established in 2004 to develop industrial cities which are located throughout Abu Dhabi. ZonesCorp has developed 6 first-class industrial zones that now account for half of Abu Dhabi’s manufacturing GDP. The free zone has attracted considerable foreign direct investment and has been a huge helping hand in developing the industrial landscape of the Emirate. A visionary leadership, attractive incentives from the government, state-of-art infrastructure and pro-business environment make ZonesCorp a favorable place for investors to choose this location for company formation. The Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp is at present a hub for a number of training centers and therefore the companies registering here are assured to get skilled trained staff and team members.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in ZonesCorp

Like any other free zone, ZonesCorp also provides many benefits to its investors. They are:

  • Full repatriation of profits and capital
  • 0% tax
  • Duty-free import of raw materials and machinery
  • A favorable business environment
  • Operational synergies from the co-location of similar industries
  • Hassle-free labor procedures
  • Sound investment advice provided to clients
  • Proximity to Abu Dhabi Airport and Jebel Ali Airport
  • Cluster-based zoning model allowing full integration within the industry value chain, deriving synergy benefits

Business Activities Allowed under ZonesCorp

It is essential to be aware of the business activities allowed at ZonesCorp. The list of activities accommodated at ZonesCorp is as follows:

  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage
  • Oil and gas
  • Leather and textile products
  • Construction materials
  • Engineering and metals
  • Assembling products
  • Wood and paper products
  • Fiberglass and plastic products

Documents Required to Set Up a Business in ZonesCorp

  • Authorized company contract
  • Document of contract modification registration in the Ministry of Economy
  • Environment license
  • A factory site plan indicating manufacturing and services areas
  • Feasibility study
  • Land plan
  • Membership certificate in the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Passport copies of the partners
  • Power of attorney (if available)
  • Valid and approved trade name
  • Valid lease contract
  • The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) technical information
  • Additional information for environment authority

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