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Sponsorship & Investor`s Right Protection

Business Sponsorship Services

Initially for a new comer company finding a correct local Emirate sponsor can be a tedious task. But with AAC Global which offers a reliable business sponsorship, one can easily avail the services in the UAE. We as a global marketplace sponsor your company as an inactive partner in your company as an inactive partner for an annual fee. AAC Global offers you a range of prices to sponsor your business. Not just this but our great links and connections with the government agencies, which makes the paperwork faster and convenient than anything.

So let’s join hands together and avail complete support through the procedures of your company formation. Starting from governmental permits to approvals for the Economic department, one can enjoy the swift movement of business easily with us.

Investor Right Protection Contract

AAC Global drafts as an Investor Right Protection Contract that provides 100% operational ownership of the company. Through our special legal team we help in drafting the agreement and we offer complete transparency in the contract.

To start a business all you need to draft and attest the power of attorney, agreement of incorporation, purchase agreement, company registration document and many more. AAC Global helps in drafting the power of attorney which some way helps you change the local sponsor. Our continuous service agreement state that our in house consultancy firm will help in assisting the investor in various company incorporation in the entire UAE.

To read a pre-drafted investor right protection contract contact AAC Gobal.