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Freezone Business Setup in Dubai | Free Zone Company Formation UAE

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UAE Freezone Business Setup

Did you know that with AAC Global, UAE freezone company formation takes as less as three days? That’s not the only perk! You can also initiate the process of setting up a freezone business without even visiting the UAE.

UAE freezones offer world-class business amenities and commercial benefits. Some of the mentionable perks are flexi-desk; flexi-office setups; access to free-hold property and investors privacy with limited reporting obligations. UAE offers several free zones in Dubai and across all the Emirates. You may pick any of the preferred freezones and we will help you start your business in no time! Our services comprise freezone company registration, freezone licensing, freezone visa services and PRO services.

Here are some of the most-advanced & progressive freezones in Dubai, UAE

Freezones in the UAE are much preferred by foreign investors and expatriate businessmen. There are several options as UAE houses more than 100s of freezones jurisdictions. Some of them are the most prestigious freezone location in the world, as listed below.


Dubai South Freezone (DSF) UAE

AAC GLOBAL has assisted SMEs & international businesses start companies in Dubai South Freezone. Dubai South is a multi-purpose freezone in the UAE. Dubai South is located near the Jebel Ali Port & the Al Maktoum International Airport. This will offer business setup in Dubai South feasibility & facilitate extensive trade opportunities.

rak free

Ras Al Khaimah Freezones

Starting a company in Ras Al Khaimah freezone is the most affordable and convenient option. You can start any type of business in RAK freezones. With AAC GLOBAL get the best and lowest business setup cost for RAK freezone. Also, the time taken to register a RAK freezone company is less than the time taken for any other freezone business setup.

sharj media

Sharjah Media City Freezone

Start a business at Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) with AAC GLOBAL Business Setup. We offer great business setup packages for SHAMS. We have established several companies at SHAMS Freezone, from startup companies to technology industries. We are the best if you would like to start a business at SHAMS or any other UAE freezones.

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali Freezone (JAFZA)

We helped many of our clients to setup a business in Jebel Ali freezone. Jebel Ali freezone also known as JAFZA is the first freezone in the entire Middle East. JAFZA is located close to the Jebel Ali Port as well as the Dubai International Airport. The proposed Al Maktoum airport is also coming up close to the JAFZA, which is easily accessible from the Dubai Metro. All of this makes it ideal for importing, exporting & trading business in the UAE.

Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a freezone completely owned by the government of UAE. The freezone is situated in an area conjoining the Dubai and Al Ain road. It encompasses a mix concept of residential, commercial and industrial space. AAC GLOBAL has guided technological, electronical & engineering sectors to start a business in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

internet city

Dubai Internet City (DIC)

Dubai Internet City is a freezone aiding as a technological hub. We have supported 500 fortune companies, SMEs & business startups to start offices in the DIC. AAC GLOBAL Business Setup makes starting a business in Dubai Internet City simple and easy.