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Mainland Business Setup in Dubai | Mainland company formation UAE

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UAE Mainland Business Setup

Dubai Mainland is mostly appreciated for its business-friendly infrastructure and facilities. Dubai mainland company registration is on the first priority list made by most of the organizations when establishing their business in Dubai. The formation or establishment of any company is very challenging and time taking procedure, Business Link UAE as the best business setup consultancy offers the best services for mainland company formation in Dubai, UAE.

There are many reasons to prefer to expand your mainland business setup in Dubai and the reasons why Dubai remains by far the number one business place in the Middle East. Despite the much-publicized economic downturn, which impacted Dubai’s real estate and banking sectors hardest, Dubai has now managed to stabilize itself financially and is starting to show signs of a powerful revival. There are many causes for this and none more compelling than the economic diversity of Dubai. The truth is that many years before the real estate growth, Dubai was still a very strong and expanding economy and was already the international center of the Middle East.


As the USA and Europe bed down for what seems like could be a long and drawn-out period of low economic growth, high unemployment, and government budget cuts, Dubai looks more and more like the place to explore double-digit growth. With easy geographic access to the tiger economies of the East and perfectly placed to reach the growth and cash-rich savings of the gulf as well as being by far the most liveable place in the Middle East and with no tax, low rents, a free lifestyle and great weather, Dubai makes a perfect choice. 


Mainland Business Setup:- 


A business entity falling under-marketed geographical regions and directly registered under the Emirates govt. and its rights are known as a mainland company. A mainland company in Dubai can carry out business across the UAE but allows maximum foreign shareholder equity capped at 49%. Mainland represents the most developed economy as it is set up directly following the legal structures of the Government policies.



For the mainland business setup in Dubai, take care of the following things in mind:-


Ownership:– An ex-pat can own 49% of shares in their company for business setup in mainland Dubai. A local sponsor must be selected who will own the majority of shares. 


Visa:- A residence visa can be achieved depending on the size of the work premises.


Cost of Business Setup:- The cost of business setup in Dubai is high.


 Audit Requirement:- It is necessary for mainland companies to prepare an audit by the end of the financial year.

Advantages of having a mainland business setup in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE.

UAE mainland business offers various advantages which makes the place more favourable for business setup. Advantages like tax advantages, better connectivity, talented workforce and solid infrastructure. There are various jurisdictions providing mainland company formation across the UAE. Below mentioned are some of the advantages.

office loaction

Office Location

When you are about to start a mainland business in the UAE, there are no restrictions in terms of office location. UAE free zone business or offshore companies are restricted to their respective jurisdictions. However, UAE mainland business setup provides the liberty of setting up a company anywhere in the country.

Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

Countries around the world impose heavy corporate tax on expatriate investors. But with business setup in the UAE mainland, you can save yourself from corporate tax. Regardless of the implementation of tax in the UAE, mainland companies have no corporate tax.

Capital Requirement

Capital Requirement

UAE government is determined to provide various incentives to encourage foreign investment in the country. One such incentive is no minimum capital requirement’ to start your business in the UAE mainland. This provides you the leverage to invest when-and-where you want.

exemption income tax

Exemption Income Tax

one of the best facility and advantage of setting up a business in UAE mainland company is exemption of income tax which is a boon for many. No income tax is levied on any person or individual.

Silicon Oasis

Currency Regulations

By setting up a business in UAE mainland you will stay away from all sort of money exchange regulations.

internet city

World Wide Client

With business in UAE, it helps you to get connected with clients all across the globe. You can easily get access to clients to pitch ideas and flourish it well.