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How to start a business in the UAE with AAC Gobal business setup?

If you get benefits while starting or setup your business in Dubai, UAE, then would you like to go forward with the opportunity? There are several benefits of setting up your business in the mainland. You can easily get the flexibility to do any kind of business in any part of the country. Moreover, there would no limit on the number of visas. There would be business activities available for licensing for proper and smooth functioning.

At AAC Global we make your job very simple. You simply do not have to run from pillar to post to get your work done. You need not have to run to various government offices or departments of Arabic. All you need to do is simply book an appointment with our business consultant at zero consultant fee or you can easily send us an inquiry. We will then help you understand the overall costs of the business setup as well as educate the entire procedure.

Here’s how you can setup your business in Dubai, UAE

If you want to know how to setup your business in Dubai or any other Emirates you just need to follow the simple guidelines offered by AAC Global. There is a series on things that are required to be done as listed below, but with AAC Global you can relax, and we will get it done for you!


Enquire or Book an Appointment

The best way is to send us an enquiry or book an appointment with our business setup consultants for free. Our experts in every field will advise the best for your business activity. We will also help you analyse the costs of business setup and the various permissions your business setup would require.

Submit your Documents 1

Submit your Documents

The second most important thing to start business is by getting your documents started. To start the process of company formation in Dubai, UAE – we will require your documents. Submit your passport copy, visa copy and a nominal advance to start the process of business setup.

Decide your Business Name

Decide your Business Name

Deciding the name of your business is one of the tedious task. It is as difficult as setting up your business. We will register your trade name with the economic development department. The DED reserves the right to reject or change the name if there are existing companies with similar names. Thus, you will have to provide us options.

Partner with the UAE Local

Partner with the UAE Local

For setting up a mainland LLC in the UAE, you will need a local UAE business partner. AAC Gobal will also become your silent partner for annual fee. Our Investor’s Right Protection agreement with ensure zero interference in your company.

PRO Assistance Approvals

PRO Assistance & Approvals

AAC Gobal has no mediators, as we are directly associated with governmental bodies. At AAC Gobal we can get the approval your business needs. Be it the economic departments; the chamber of commerce; immigration authorities; ministry of labour, or any other ministries!

Preliminary Approval

Preliminary Approval

AAC Gobal also gets your business the preliminary or initial approval after submitting your documents. Initial approval allows you to start your business activity. It is the first substantial step towards starting your company.

Immigration Visa

Immigration & Visa

Travelling is one thing that should be on top when it comes to setting up a business. When you start your business, you will also require an Investor’s visa for yourself and employment visa for you employees. With AAC Gobal Business Setup we will also take care of all your immigration procedures & on-going visa requirements.

office space

Office space & Ejari

You need to find a suitable office space for rent and get a tenancy contract. You cannot obtain a license without a valid office address & Ejari. AAC Services Business Setup will support you to find the right office for rent in Dubai as well as get you the required documents.

Collect your Business License

Collect your Business License

Now you are good to go! Just collect your business trade license and start your business activity. With all your documents and approvals at hand, you can collect your business license. At AAC Gobal get your license in the most quick, safe and cost-efficient ways.