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Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai UAE - AAC Global

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UAE Freezone

Did you know that with AAC Global, UAE Free zone company setup takes as little as three days? That’s not the only perk! You can also initiate the process of setting up a freezone business without even visiting the UAE.

Why start a Freezone Company?

  • 100% confirm ownership of business
  • 100% tax free (now 5% VAT is applied on a small number of free zones)
  • Import and Export activities
  • 3 years visas for investors, workers as well as family members
  • Greater enlargement potential due to strategic location
  • Well recognized transport network as well as road connectivity
  • Also an affordable cost for high quality of work
  • 100% repatriation of earnings as well as investments
  • Also allow to open a bank account
  • Warehouse facilities as well as virtual office facilities

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Types of Business Licenses in Dubai Freezone

Commercial License

A commercial license is issued to a business involved in any sort of commercial trading activity. General and specialised traders can avail a commercial license in Dubai and trade freely within the UAE as well across the globe.

Professional License

A service-oriented business enjoys 100% ownership with a professional license. Individuals who wish to practice a profession which is depended on their knowledge and skills can attain a professional license in the UAE.

Industrial License

The industrial license in Dubai is attained by those enterprises who transform natural material or natural resources into other final products. Industries & manufacturing units are required to attain an industrial license by the DED.

Tourism License

The tourism sector is undisputedly one of the most profitable industries in Dubai because of which it has a high demand for tourism business licenses in the region. You need a tourism license to start a tours & travel business.

Your entire company formation process will be completed in just 1 hour

UAE Mainland company setup

Free zone company setup in Dubai UAE. AAC Global offers world-class business amenities and commercial benefits. Some of the mentionable perks are Flexi-desk; Flexi-office setups; access to freehold property and investors’ privacy with limited reporting obligations. UAE offers several free zones in Dubai and across all the Emirates. You may pick any of the preferred free zones and we will help you start your business in no time! Our services comprise free zone company registration, free zone licensing, Freezone visa services, and PRO services.

Here are some of the most-advanced & progressive free zones in Dubai, UAE

Freezones in the UAE are much preferred by foreign investors and expatriate businessmen. There are several options as UAE houses more than 100s of free zones jurisdictions. Some of them are the most prestigious free zone located in the world, as listed below.

dubai manland

Dubai Freezone

Planning on company registration in Dubai freezone? Dubai offers more than 20 freezones and has some of the most prestigious freezones in the UAE. Dubai freezones offer world-class business amenities, options such as flexi-desk and flexi-office setups, great infrastructure, access to freehold property and complete privacy to investors with limited reporting obligations.



Sharjah Freezones

Company setup in Sharjah freezones offer affordable land and labour as well as incentives to small and medium enterprises. Sharjah freezones have highly developed infrastructure and 24-hour licensing services to enable quick company formation in Sharjah freezone. The jurisdiction is also known for low-cost rentals and possibilities of easy company formation.


abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi Freezone

Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi freezones offers various advantages for companies willing to expand their establishment overseas. Starting an freezone company in Abu Dhabi may involve complications and paperwork. At AAC Global – we make this process simpler and helps you set up a company in Abu Dhabi Freezones in the shortest among of time. With AAC Global you can register a company in Abu Dhabi freezone even from outside the country.


ajman 1

Ajman Freezone

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988 and is located across the Ajman Port. Its location near Dubai and Sharjah provides companies in Ajman free zone easy accessibility to international airports. The cost of starting a business in Ajman is relatively lower than in other emirates. Companies setting up in Ajman free zone are also assured 100% privacy with limited financial disclosures.