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UAE Mainland Company Setup | Business Setup in Dubai

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UAE Mainland

Dubai Mainland is mostly appreciated for its business friendly infrastructure and facilities. Dubai mainland company registration is on the first priority list made by most of the organizations when establishing their business in Dubai. The formation or establishment of any company is very challenging and time taking procedure, Business Link UAE as the best business setup consultancy offers the best services for mainland company formation in Dubai, UAE.

Why start a mainland company?

  • No minimum capital requirements
  • Flexible business opportunity across all emirates
  • Legal business contracts with government entities made easier
  • Effortless product approvals
  • Significant market presence
  • Vast Investment opportunities
  • Permitted to rent/own a physical office
  • Ease of availing bank facilities like loans
  • Increase your employee strength with options for unlimited visa availability

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Types of Business Licenses in Dubai Mainland

Commercial License

A commercial license is issued to a business involved in any sort of commercial trading activity. General and specialised traders can avail a commercial license in Dubai and trade freely within the UAE as well across the globe.

Professional License

A service-oriented business enjoys 100% ownership with a professional license. Individuals who wish to practice a profession which is depended on their knowledge and skills can attain a professional license in the UAE.

Industrial License

The industrial license in Dubai is attained by those enterprises who transform natural material or natural resources into other final products. Industries & manufacturing units are required to attain an industrial license by the DED.

Tourism License

The tourism sector is undisputedly one of the most profitable industries in Dubai because of which it has a high demand for tourism business licenses in the region. You need a tourism license to start a tours & travel business.

Your entire company formation process will be completed in just 1 hour

UAE Mainland company setup

Advantages of having a UAE mainland company setup in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE.

UAE mainland company setup offers various advantages which makes the place more favorable for business setup. Advantages like tax advantages, better connectivity, a talented workforce, and solid infrastructure. There are various jurisdictions providing mainland company formation across the UAE. Below mentioned are some of the advantages.

dubai manland

Dubai Mainland

We offer complete solution for your business setup in Dubai and other Emirates. Our knowledgeable consultants will provide you with expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout your business setup process. AAC Global also provides a reliable UAE local sponsor for any type of mainland business setup in Dubai. We offer services related to company registration, UAE trade Licences, government approvals and PRO services.



Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah, a booming Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, offers new avenues of progress implemented regularly by the judicial authorities. Company registration in Sharjah Mainland is ideal for service-oriented sectors as well as industrial sectors. Sharjah is valued as a strategic location that connects major trading zones. It is a cost-effective way to commercialise your business activity.


abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi Mainland

Starting a business in Abu Dhabi can be a great decision for any commercial entity. Company formation in Abu Dhabi with AAC GLobal not only allows you to own a company in the capital of the UAE but also offers business setup at an affordable price. Company registration in Abu Dhabi offers two years validity on trade licence whereas other UAE trade licenses are valid only for one year. This means you save on time and money.


ajman 1

Ajman Mainland

Business setup in Ajman mainland offers exciting business opportunities for many entrepreneurs. Overseas investors, SMEs, and budding industrialists prefer getting an Ajman mainland licence. There are several reasons why businessmen opt for company registration in Ajman. Another reason for registering your company is the cost of setting up a business in Ajman mainland.